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Another trial… another angry, spoiled, privileged young man destroys a young woman

Trial watchers, here we go…

Yeardley Love

Yeardley Love


This is Yeardley Love, University of Virginia Lacrosse player killed by her fellow Lacrosse player – boyfriend.

No question he beat her up and then she died, his defense is his claim that he didn’t beat her  enough to kill her and didn’t mean to kill her so he is guilty of having a bad temper and possibly involuntary manslaughter.

Lucky for him, he is subject only to the justice system in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  If justice were just, he could meet Lisbeth Salandar.

<fiction alert here>

Let’s see, instead of spending the last year or so in jail awaiting this trial…  George Huguely V – upon graduation from UVA joins the family business.  Salandar hacks in and uncovers all the dirty laundry and makes it all public. When she’s done with him, he may prefer life without parole.


Instead he faces a life sentence. Another young woman destroyed. Another family in pain.

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