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Wait, did I miss out on something?

Ok, back in the day…  way way back.  I went to college. I went to Nebraska Wesleyan University for a semester. Then I attended Colorado State University  where I graduated.  I remember being challenged by cellular biology, biochemistry, physics, and sadistics statistics. I remember trying to eat on $2.50 a day. I remember enjoying my electives more than my major subjects. (Isn’t that funny, I haven’t spent a single professional day in Microbiology – hmm, that’s another topic for another day). I remember meeting Larry while working at Elizabeth Street McDonald’s. I remember every minute in a lecture hall in the Engineering building.  Actually, I remember every lecture hall.  The one in the old biology building was the best. Had Cell Biology and Developmental Biology both in there.  And some sort of botany class, I think.

I was admittedly a dork in high school and college.  Actually, I think I still am. However, I don’t think my “college lifestyle” remotely resembled the lifestyle of the main characters in a courtroom in Charlottesville, VA.

I know I had cellmates dorm mates who partied more then studied, but they weren’t successful students or successful student-athletes.

So, the testimony Thursday in the trial of alleged girlfriend killer George Huguely, V about drinking to intoxication, “hooking up” with various other people, manipulation, control, arguments, fights, choke-holds as two kids in love living their college lifestyle is difficult to stomach.  This blog is by a criminal defense attorney, Lloyd Snook, who is commenting on the case.

I’m a firm believer in the old saying “nothing much good happens at 2 or 3 am”. I don’t know when these gifted seniors at UVA attended class, or studied, or practiced, or prepared for games. They have more intrigue and drama then all the real housewives combined.

Interestingly, these aren’t the first young people to make headlines with this wild, fast, loose, crazy “college lifestyle”.

Meredith Kercher

Natalee Hollaway (sadly, Natalee didn’t live to go to college)

Taylor Behl

Now, hold on.  Before you go thinking “there goes Lee, blaming the victim”. Absolutely NOT! These young women did nothing to deserve what happened to them.

However, I imagine nearly everyone who knew and loved Yeardley wishes she had steered clear of this toxic relationship.

The reason I follow these cases and think about them is to see if there is some way to learn to see a few things before it’s too late. Can friends speak up? Can parents recognize disaster before it strikes?  Or, are we doomed to have one of these headline busters every year or so and who knows how many that don’t make it onto CNN?

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