any way the wind blows…

leeward - any way the wind blows…

Sunday afternoon

The first thing we must notice about this Sunday afternoon — I am at home!

What should one do with a Sunday at home?  Well,  job hunting of course. After checking out Career Builder, Monster, and Flex Jobs; submitting resumes, checking the network on Linked In and studying for an interview.  I think I’ve had a full day already, it must be time for a nap.


By the way, did I mention I have an interview? I have an interview! I have interviewed hundreds of people over the last ten years. I haven’t been on an interview in a long time. This ought to be fun interesting scary good practice.


And football.  A whole Sunday for football!  Pregame shows, post game shows, THREE games plus the beloved Broncos on the Radio!


The big news is I found my kitchen

 Kitchen – noun – a room or area for preparing food.


Really?  I thought it was that funky room at the top of the stairs conveniently located and ready for

  1. counter space, including stove top for storing mail, keys, briefcase, coffee maker
  2. counter space and floor space for feeding the carnivores
  3. room that holds the very large empty box that has an ice maker in it (and some coffee creamer)
  4. charging room for all the crackberry gadgets.
  5. on occasion, a wood working shop

Today in between the football and the job hunting we will be having Sunday dinner! Pot Roast, fresh home made bread, and a nice Cabernet — served on the nice dishes at the dining table.  The hubby and the carnivores are stunned.