any way the wind blows…

leeward - any way the wind blows…


The New York Giants found a buzz saw in New Orleans tonight.


As an aside, I was fascinated by the package on ESPN about the Brees/Payton/Carmichael game preparation. Brees, Brady, and Rodgers are masters of study and preparation. That level of excellence is what I aspire to achieve. Is there film study for job hunting or opportunity seeking?


Brees and the Saints are playing lights out! Brees 4 TDs plus a rushing TD and more than 500 yards. Those were the stats early in the fourth quarter.


And Eli had second career 400+ yard game in the losing effort. And, as he says, “it gotta little out of hand”. HA I guess so.


The difference is – the entire Saints team came to play. I saw some sleeping Giants out there.


Is there a February trip to the Big Easy in my future? Who dat?


As for my beloved Broncos. This Tebow guy is fun to watch. The Broncos D dismantled the Chargers and Von Miller sure ought to run away with defensive rookie of the year. And, did you see Tom Jackson on ESPN’s countdown show? If I find a link to it I will post it. Bronco fans let’s all just enjoy the ride. All Tebow seems to do is WIN.


Week 13 coming up.


Some great football (Twitter) follows – @markschlereth, @wingoz, and @viclombardi for Bronco fans