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So try number two — boarded pane and left St Thomas on schedule and after 3 Hours or so the captain is on the PA.

When the Captain is on the PA mid flight it is never good news.

The Captain drawls “I have the worse possible news”

Oh good, I think, we are descended through about 20,000 feet and he has the worse possible news!

“There is just a massive line of storms and we can’t go around and we can’t go through and we don’t have enough fuel”

Ah that qualifies as really bad news.

So we land in Charleston and get fuel. And wait. After two hours there was a small window to slip through and we prepare to pushback. And just as engine revs the Captain is on the PA.

Storms have Charlotte (our destination) in a ground hold and we don’t have clearance to take off but no matter the window in the line of storms is closing and we aren’t leaving.

Engines rev down and all portable electronics switch back on.

After another two hours we leave Charleston. We fly out over the water around the worst of the storms. We finally landed in Charlotte.

Of course by 1045 at night all flights to anywhere are long gone.

So, Larry and I (and a plane full of fellow travelers) camped in a hotel. Now we are back waiting to board for last leg of the 3 day trip home.

Funny how a plane full of island vacationers on the way home can be trapped for hours in a stuffy little silver tube and remain polite, friendly, happy even. (Imagine the scene if it took 3 days to GO!)

Still on Island Time.

Every little thing
Gonna be alright …

Thank you Bob Marley

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