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Arias Retrial

Intrepid trial watchers, this penalty phase retrial that started in OCTOBER! is just now in verdict watch.

They are 19 hours and counting into deliberation and were given instructions about an hour ago regarding an “impasse”.  My prediction is they will have a hung jury. In which case, Jodi Arias will receive life without parole and go away, forever.

I have much to say about this trial and some time available for blogging.  Much more soon, the jury is coming back either with something to say or to be dismissed for the night.

the old Razzle Dazzle

Phoenix: The Arias trial was dark today but that didn’t stop the circus. Last week the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled that Jodi is not the one special person in American history who should have a trial behind closed doors and ordered the end of the Star Chamber. The next flurry of paper from the court appointed and taxpayer-funded defense team is a new motion stating that now THREE witnesses refuse to testify if not in secret so the death penalty must be dismissed.

Read that again. I had to have a glass of wine to take that all in.

So, if Ms. Arias is not entitled to secret testimony in her penalty phase then the death penalty must be removed from consideration.

Wait, wait,  so the question before the court in this trial is: are there any mitigating factors that could balance the many aggravating factors so this jury could vote life (without parole) instead of death for this woman who has been convicted of the pre-mediated murder of Travis Alexander? That is the only question in this trial.

For the umpteenth time the defense is requesting to remove the death penalty.

Give em the ol double whammy