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Jury impasse

This is a good description of the dynamite instruction in the Arias trial.

This is tough, of course it’s tough.  I can’t imagine what this poor jury has been through they have been sitting since October!

This is an interesting article about what the Scott Peterson jury went through when they decided for death.

Arias Retrial

Intrepid trial watchers, this penalty phase retrial that started in OCTOBER! is just now in verdict watch.

They are 19 hours and counting into deliberation and were given instructions about an hour ago regarding an “impasse”.  My prediction is they will have a hung jury. In which case, Jodi Arias will receive life without parole and go away, forever.

I have much to say about this trial and some time available for blogging.  Much more soon, the jury is coming back either with something to say or to be dismissed for the night.