any way the wind blows…

leeward - any way the wind blows…

the Beloved Denver Broncos

Is this the year?  After that little stumble in St Louis, we are looking so balanced. We actually won that Kansas City game without relying on the laser-rocket arm and star wars numbers of Peyton Manning.

Let’s go! December football, baby!

Time to dust off my blogeddy blog…

getting a tan

getting a tan

The last post here was posted from the crackberry… so that’s been awhile.

I missed blogging the entire 2013 season of the beloved Broncos and the trial and first penalty trial of Jodi Arias.

And, we’ve had a serial killer targeting young women in Virginia. As this winds its way through the legal system I will be following along.

I have been cleaning up behind the scenes. I think I want to change up the page a bit. So pardon the dust while we overhaul the framework.